Adobe’s Photoshop and other computer photo editors are a great way to enhance images! Editing times are reduced. Thanks to digital photography it is costless to shoot and edit thousands of images a day. But sometimes it’s almost too instant for me.

That’s why I love the work of photographer Jerry Uelsmann. He has been my hero since I was in highschool. I love his style and his dreamlike images. The thing that sets his work apart is that he does it all in a darkroom. He doesn’t use Photoshop or any other computer program to cobble his photos together. He spends hours in a darkroom using masks and up to 12 enlargers to make one image.
He inspired me to give montaging in my personal darkroom a try. I don’t have his skill level but I wanted to see what I could come up with.
I had to be very deliberate about what I shot. There was a limited number of images on my roll of film. So I visualized what my


end result would look like. That’s not something I always do. I knew I wanted to include the old globe in the image. I wanted to give the images a sense of wonder and a longing for new experiences. But as long as they stir something in the viewer I’m happy.

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