I offer a number of services because all aspects of photography are important to me!

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate photos help catch a buyer’s eye. This is an excellent way to get your listings to stand out from other real estate agents. After buyers have scrolled though so many listings, they start to lose interest. Get it back with images that pop! In most cases listing shoots have next day turnaround. I understand that time is of the essence when listing a property. 

  • Standard Size Homes -up to 4 bedrooms- can be done for $65.00.                              
  •  Large Homes (more than 4 bedrooms or homes with guest houses) can be done for 85.00. 
  • Commercial Properties are $100.00. 


Photography Unplugged: Film Portrait Photography $200

Digital cameras have made becoming a proficient shooter easier than ever before. But sometimes you just need to unplug… Film photography is beautiful and real. With my film portrait sessions, the clients get deliberately composed photographs. I will personally develop the film at home in my darkroom. When the film dries, I create a proof folder which is presented to the clients. They will use the proofs to pick the images they want printed. These are real photographs that are printed using an active chemical darkroom. It is a time consuming process. But it is a worthwhile process. The end results are undiluted, true photographs. No airbrushing, no photoshop. Something to present in a frame to loved ones.  

Sessions Include:

  • 2x Rolls of black and white film- 36 exposures each. That’s 72 frames of well thought out shots. 
  • 1 Proof Folder
  • 3 8×10 images printed in an actual darkroom ( more prints and varying sizes can be made for additional fees)


Photo Restoration and Digitization 

Because the needs here are so unique I have to quote these bases on each individual inquiry.

  • Photo Restoration- Is your great-grandmother’s photo damaged with stains scratches
    Damaged and stained photos can be digitally restored.
    Old photos of you loved ones can be saved with digital restoration!

    and creases? Through the wonders of photoshop most photos can be repaired digitally! Digital file and prints available.

  • Photo Colorization- A fun way to bring a new life to an old photograph.
  • Negative Scanning- Scanning Negatives is a great way to digitize old photographs and keep them safe electronically!
  • Black and White Prints-  If you have old negatives and just want some prints made, I would be happy to do it. The old fashioned way. In a darkroom, with chemicals and paper. No flimsy digital prints here! 3×5, 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 sizes available!
  • Photo Scanning – Have some photos from your childhood that you want to keep in the safety of the cloud? Want to have it scanned properly so that you can make prints from it whenever you want? I can help!