Creating family Portraits Shouldn’t be a Pain

Finding Peace in the Lens

As a mom, I know that in most cases, getting the family together for family portraits is a lot like herding cats.

That is why I try to keep the shoot under an hour and fifteen. I realize that a lot of photographers offer two hour shoots with wardrobe changes and multiple locations but in the real world thirty minutes into the shoot and you’ve got a five-year old who is ready to go home and have a juice box, or a teenager who is tired of lame family time. The attention of the whole family doesn’t hold in the best scenario.

I also realize that your time is valuable. There are a million other things that you could be getting done in the time you have allotted for photos. And I appreciate that. It’s an honor to photograph your family. So I have made it my mission to keep the flow of the process moving and to make it time efficient.

Capturing a memory should be a pleasant experience, and shouldn’t take hours!