An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Finding Peace in the Lens

I love to shoot a wide range of subjects from landscapes to people to real estate and beyond. A walk around a quiet downtown before the world wakes up or capturing the camraderie between two sisters as they investigate a tadpole puddle; these are singular experiences that should be enjoyed and remembered.



Easy Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Digital photography is a wonderful, cost effective evolution of the craft that I love. But that doesn’t mean that everything before it is obsolete or should be forgotten. Film photography and darkroom printing are amazing art forms that require great skill. One of my heroes, Jerry Uelsmann is a creative genius who does in a darkroom what most seasoned digital editors can’t do with Photoshop. Seriously, if you want to be wowed check him out and remember he does it all in a darkroom.

Perhaps its stubbornness but I refuse to give up my darkroom. I love printing when I have the time. Watching my photographs appear from nothing on a stark white paper is truly magical.

Life is series of moments

A Life Lived is a stubbornness Capturing

I believe everyone has numerous stories to tell. Photographs capture those stories, especially when words fail. They are reminders of things from your past, even if the past was only yesterday.